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An adventure into Code

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved making things!

At my first grade school art fair, my best friend and I made foil photo frames and sold them to visiting parents.

In high school, I made a Snake game out of MDF wood, LED and electric circuits.

In college, I created volunteer programs and led a trip to Peru.

By the time I started my first job as a financial data analyst in Chicago, I was automating tasks using Excel Macros. I worked with our team of engineers to redesign our user interface, and experienced the magic of code turning ideas into reality. Working at a tech savvy, forward thinking company opened my eyes to the possibility of technology!

But even then, I didn’t think I was smart / logical enough to ever learn to code….

Instead, I pride myself in my communication and marketing skills (the “soft skills”). I was great at building client relationships and helped my team closed deals. And two year later, I moved to South Africa to lead the team at our new African office. The thrill of the chase was invigorating, I met clients at trade shows and matched their problems with our solutions. Yet I missed the days when I could be hands on with products and build - to keep learning and find creative solutions.

So I quit my job.

And started a marketing agency in South Africa!

My startup, Food and Chatter’s mission was to connect people through food. We curated food themed events for local chefs, eateries, wine farms and more. My clients often need help in building a website, optimizing SEO, digital marketing and e-commerce stores. Working with clients over the years, it became increasingly clear to me that web development is crucial to business success.

That’s when I started working on online tutorials like Treehouse, FreeCodeCamp, Skillcrush and Udacity nanodegrees. I started listening to podcast like Developer Tea and The Developer’s Life, before long I was hooked!

In February 2017, I’ve decided to take the plunge and applied (now accepted) to Flatiron School’s Online Developer Program!

I am excited to venture on this new journey, and I invite you to join me on this adventure!