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Berlin tech events 4/28 - 5/9

I’m currently in Berlin, Germany and will be attending JSConf EU on May 6-7, 2017!

Browsing through, I’ve curated a list of interesting tech-related meetups happening in Berlin from today to May 9th.

If you are in town, definitely check out some of the great events happening! If there are other events you’d like to share, please do so in the comments.

Thanks! Lisa

April 28th

Fab Lab open day (5-8pm) Fab Lab Berlin is an open digital fabrication studio where you can learn how to use 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers, design software and electronics to make (almost) anything you want. It is part of the international Fab Lab network and offer access to a professional DIY studio and a great community of makers.

Every Friday the Tour starts at 17:30 , it is an open house for everyone and a good opportunity to meet Berlin’s community of makers in person and ask any questions. Some of the machines will be accessible too, just ask!

Gallery Weekend in Berlin (6-9pm) It’s the annual Gallery Weekend in Berlin taking place from April 28- 30th. Not a typical “tech” event, but galleries around Berlin will be hosting programs like: mixed media performance and fashion show by MICHAEL MÜLLER , screening of JOHN BOCK’s 90min feature film, and a fascinating presentation by Hanne Darboven on her elaborated writing system - her own mathematical method used to record time!

April 29

Sylius and Symfony 3 hackathon (4/29 - 4/30) Sylius is a community driven, Open Source and Symfony based ecommerce framework. Pawel Jedrzejewski, the founder of, will be giving a quickstart workshop into Sylius to kickoff this 2-day hackathon.

Some brands using Sylius: Popsugar, Klink Delivery, Ovidias.

April 30

Peer Lab launch (12:30pm - 2:30pm) Peer Lab globalchapters hosts open sessions, where developers come together for a peer-based collaborative learning lab. SoundCloud Berlin will be hosting the launch of Berlin Peer Lab at their office!

May 1 Public Holiday - Labor Day

May 1st is a public holiday! No specific tech events today

May 2

Mobile commerce lunch with Gabriel Le Roux (12:30pm - 2pm) Gabriel Le Roux is Head of Europe Startup Growth @Braintree, a Paypal Service.

Gabriel will discuss best practices when setting up mobile checkout and existing solutions to ensure you’re bringing a best in class experience to your users. Drawing from concrete examples such as Uber, Skyscanner, Casper, Twilio, and Airbnb, Gabriel will give you the right setup to checkout optimisation so you can fully focus on conversion and scalability.

Witas – Women in Tech and Startups (7pm - 9pm) Witas Berlin aims to bring together women working in tech, media and startups in Berlin.

Whether you are looking for a job, have a new project to share or simply want to meet like minded women from tech, media and startups: Bring your questions, pitches and business cards! Even (or especially) if you are new to Berlin, this is a great opportunity to meet other people in the industry.

Vue.js meetup: Thorsten Eckel (7pm - ) This is a Vue.js meetup for Vue.js users, fans and all who are interested in learning more about this exciting new framework.

Thorsten Eckel will be sharing insights about his project vue-spine²!

May 3

AMP Meetup feat. Google (7pm - 9pm) Join us for a casual evening of tech talks and networking around Accelerated Mobile Pages, brought to you by awesome Google speakers and Zalando. Listen to talks of Malte Ubl about “Beautiful, interactive AMP pages” and Paul Bakaus about “Progressive Web AMPs”.

Talk 1: Beautiful, interactive AMP pages by Malte Ubl

Talk 2: Progressive Web AMPs by Paul Bakaus

Web Performance meetup (7pm - 9pm) Great lineup with talks by Sven Wolfermann (@maddesigns), Martin Sonnenholzer (@chaos_monster) and Radimir Bitsov (@radibit) at Contentful.

Talk 1: “A look under the hood - how the browser optimizes your JS code” by Martin Sonnenholzer

Talk 2: “Responsive & Fast” by Sven Wolfermann

Talk 3: “What you see is faster than what you get – ways to speed up perception” by Radimir Bitsov

Natural Language AI (7pm - 8:30pm)

Meetup for Berlin’s Deep Learning community to discuss recent research, applications, tools and ongoing projects. This group is for anyone interested in Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, AI and emerging research in this field. Meet other scientists, developers, entrepreneurs & students and exchange knowledge about Natural Language Understanding, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition and related deep learning topics.

Talk 1: Conversational AI: Building clever chatbots (Tom Bocklisch, LASTMILE - 35 min)

Talk 2: 2b !2b - Generating poetry with neural networks (Aleksey Tikhonov & Ivan Yamshchikov, Yandex - 35 min)

May 4

Mozilla Presents: Web Assembly, Web Security, Rust (6:30pm - ) A casual evening of tech talks and networking, brought to you by awesome Mozillian speakers. This event will start with a brief intro into the 2017 Mozilla tech road map with three talks featuring: Web Assembly with Lin Clark, Web Security with Johann Hofmann, Rust with Florian Gilcher.

Doors open at 6.30 pm, talks start at 7 pm and don’t forget your ID!

Serverless computing with Andreas Nauerz (pm - 9:30pm) Serverless computing (aka Function-as-a-Service) provides developers with a serverless deployment and operations model relieving them from the need to worry about complex infrastructural and operational tasks and allowing them to focus on developing value adding code.

During this talk, Andreas Nauerz will talk about Ebay’s journey through the world of serverless computing, the core concepts, the key value proposition and differentiators, typical usage scenarios, and the underlying programming model of serverless computing in general and OpenWhisk in particular. We will also discuss some of our latest additions and illustrate how to benefit by “going” serverless with OpenWhisk by exploring some real-world customer usecases with a focus on how serverless architectures can be exploited for cognitive applications such as multimedia (images & videos) analysis & object detection, and conversational applications.

Transforming Players to Fans with Peter Heinrich (6:30pm - 9:30pm)

Reserve your place to hear from Peter Heinrich, Developer Evangelist with Amazon. Come along if you’ve ever wondered how to turn ordinary players into fans, advocates, and influencers.

Amazon analysed top mobile games looking for trends and best practices to guide your own development as you work to fully realise your fan base. We’ll present our research and describe how successful games extend their Minimum Viable Product to a Minimum Viable Business, based on game, monetisation, and user acquisition loops. We’ll explore the importance of fans to alternative engagement and monetisation options.

May 5

CSS Conf EU (9am - 10pm)

CSSconf EU will gather the international CSS community in Berlin, Germany. This is your chance to meet top-notch engineers & web designers, world-class speakers, and CSS-loving people at this one-day, one-track conference.

CSSconf EU lineup unites top international speakers and newcomers with fresh ideas. They will discuss cutting-edge technologies and questions around front-end development and web design – with a specific focus on CSS.

May 6 - 7

JSConf EU (9am - 11pm) JSConf EU is a professional, not-for-profit, labour-of-love conference for the JavaScript community. It’s a two day affair, with many related side events in the days surrounding it.

There will be ~45 presentations spread over two days with topics ranging from deep technical journeys into JavaScript and what can be done with it to the big question of why we are all doing this and how we could do it better.

May 8

The (almost) lost art of Smalltalk (7pm - 9pm)

Smalltalk is the grandfather of all Object-Oriented Programming languages. . Even 40 years after its inception, no other language can hold a candle to the elegance and purity of this dinosaur of computer science.

You don’t want to miss this talk by Nikolas Martens ( on the origins of the paradigms that to this day influence so much of our work.

Ranking and Recommendations Systems for Travel Search Engine (7pm - 9pm) This talk describes the factors affecting travel-site user behavior, how understanding that behavior can improve ranking & recommendation engines, and what the challenges are.

By collecting information about user behaviors (e..g click through data, explicit feedback, page visit time) along with journeys and providers information, this is a good basis for building ML models for ranking and recommendation. The main challenges for building these models are: converting user implicit feedback (clickthrough data, page visit time) to reliable relevancy score; model selection; measuring model performance; and online learning (developing the model to incrementally improve over time).

EmberJS Dual-Core: Tom Dale & Ricardo Mendes (7pm - 9pm) Meetup with two Ember.js Core members, @tomdale (Tom Dale) and @locks (Ricardo Mendes).

They are in town for JSConf and are kind enough to stay a bit longer and join us at our next meetup to talk about the latest developments in Ember land.

How to become a self-driving car engineer (7:15pm - ) Learn how Udacity trains engineers to work on autonomous vehicles! Topics include deep learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, localization, control, path planning, and system integration. Get up to speed on the technical challenges and trends of self driving vehicles and the autonomous driving industry. See samples of projects that Udacity students build to learn and showcase their autonomous vehicle skills.

May 9

Women Who Code: Hack Evening (7pm - 8pm) Hack Evenings are biweekly sessions where members are invited to join and learn coding / work on projects together.

It is not programming language or technology specific - if you are eager to spend time improving your coding skills, working on a side project or you have fun mentoring others, you are welcome to join! When you get stuck with something - more experienced members can jump in and help.

MySQL Dabatase talks (2pm - 8pm) An afternoon of MySQL Database technical talks held by Percona University

  1. What’s New in MySQL and MongoDB Ecosystem
  2. MySQL vs MongoDB - When to Use Which Technology?
  3. MySQL In the Cloud: Migration, Best Practices, High Availability, Scaling
  4. Simple Steps for Building a Scalable BI Solution on MySQL 5.7, its JSON functionality and ElasticSearch
  5. Monitoring MySQL with Prometheus
  6. MySQL and MongoDB Monitoring and Optimization with Percona Monitoring and Management